Boku no Hero Academia 105 Spoilers: Todoroki versus Inasa?

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Boku no Hero Academia 105

The first selection process of the Provisional Hero License Examinations has commenced. Only the first 100 individuals to take down two others will pass. How will our U.A. heroes fare on this first stage of the exam, when everyone else is carrying out the tradition of destroying ?the U.A. team? Here is a recap coupled with Boku no Hero Academia 105 Spoilers.

Ms. Joke believes that this type of system, the first 100 to pass, will urge attacker types to be more aggressive and it will be to their advantage. On the other hand, Shouta thinks that the crucial factors needed to succeed in this exam would be unity, cooperation, and information-gathering ability. Losing focus and attacking without thinking will surely result to failure.

Inasa versus Todoroki

Meanwhile, the other examinees are fending for themselves, attacking whoever is in front of them. A very strong student from Shiketsu High emerges in chapter 104, taking everyone?s balls with his tornado like ability. To everyone?s surprise, this student, Inasa Yoarashi, ?uses all the balls to attack a group of 120 examinees, causing them to be eliminated. Inasa is the first one to pass.

Boku no Hero Academia 105

Looks like Inasa has a wind type quirk. Todoroki will surely be the one to stand against him in Boku no Hero Academia 105. They both have it easy when fighting. Todoroki can just freeze his opponent and throw the ball at them, while Inasa can do this too, based on his abilities. This will be a good matchup to watch out for.

Deku and the U.A. team

Deku and the gang are sticking together and working their way to overcome attackers by using the best person with the best ability to counter. Students from Ketsubutsu notice this and breaks them apart. Deku realizes that Ketsubutsu?s ability to cooperate and work together effectively as well as their battle judgement are on a different level compared to U.A.?s. While lost in his thoughts, a girl from Shiketsu attacks Deku. Chapter 104 ends as both get ready to fight.

Expect to meet more powerful aspiring heroes from other schools in Boku no Hero Academia 105. These heroes will challenge Deku and the rest of the U.A. team. Each one of them will be pushed to their limits. Each will also be?forced to work together, as well as develop new techniques.

Do you think this female student from Shiketsu will be a challenging opponent for Deku? Post your comments below.

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