Boku no Hero Academia 104 Spoilers: Team U.A. Gets Destroyed?

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Boku no Hero Academia 104

The Provisional Hero License Exam starts in Chapter 103, and it could not get any more intense. The rules are unbelievably strict and it seems our U.A. heroes are the main targets for the first elimination test. What will happen to Boku no Hero Academia 104? Continue reading for this chapter?s recap and some spoilers.

Smile Hero, Ms. Joke

We owe most of Chapter 103?s comic relief to Shouta?s (Eraser) long time friend, Ms. Joke, who is said to have a Roaring Laughter Quirk that forces people around her to laugh and impair their cognitive and motor skills. Ms. Joke is seen teasing Shouta from time to time saying that they should get married or be lovers. Ms. Joke is a professor from Ketsubutsu Academy and is the moderator of Class 2-2.

Ms. Joke?s students arrive and they were all praises for the U.A. team, seeing them in person for the first time. Shindou commends U.A.?s perseverance and strength and says that it?s a privilege to stand alongside them.

The Rules

The students assemble inside the Takoba National Stadium and Mera, a representative of the Hero Public Safety Commission, announces that out of the 1,540 examinees, only 100 will be allowed to compete in the Provisional Hero License Exam. So as preliminaries, their speed will be tested as this is a basic requirement in Heroics. Here are the rules:

Every examinee will take three targets and paste them somewhere on their bodies where others can see, excluding their feet and armpits. Each examinee will be given six balls and use them to hit the targets; the target will light up when it is hit by a ball and once the third target is lit up, that examinee is considered to have lost and disqualified. Whoever lights up the third target will be considered as the person who took down the other person. The goal of the preliminary round is to take down two examinees using the six balls given. This will be their ticket to qualify for the Provisional Hero License Exam.

Destroy U.A.

Ms. Joke asks Shouta why he didn?t tell his students that every year, the tradition in this exam is destroying U.A. Shouta responds that it won?t matter if he tells them or not because being a Hero means they have to overcome obstacles. True enough, many examinees go after Midoriya and his group.

Boku no Hero Academia 104

Sooner or later in Boku no Hero Academia 104, our U.A. heroes will find out that being popular will be a disadvantage. Other examinees could have studied their moves and it will only be a matter of time before they get defeated. Unless they start figuring out new techniques to keep opponents from predicting their moves. Perhaps Midoriya will use more of his legs now or his One For All Full Cowl Shoot Style.

Will Midoriya?s plan to stick together be effective? Tell us your thoughts in the comments section below.

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