Boku No Hero Academia 101 Review and Mineta?s Beads WTH?

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Boku No Hero Academia 101
Mineta Minoru

Boku No Hero Academia 101 is a great chapter. Here?s why.

Hatsume Mei

Hatsume, from U.A.?s Department of Support, is probably the star of this chapter for being so hilarious. She made ridiculous tech such as giving class president Iida boosters for his arms, despite telling her that he uses his legs. (Fans say the arm boosters don?t look bad at all, it actually makes Lida cool!) Pro Hero Power Loader tells the students that Hatsume is a keeper and when they become pros, she will take care of them.

Also, Hatsume was also responsible for the modifications on Izuku?s outfit and for inspiring him to realize his own fighting style.

Bakugou and Tokoyami

Top student Bakugou has an impressive progress in this chapter. He goes full force, as usual, with his new technique: AP Shot.

Surprisingly, it seems that Tokoyami is catching up to be one of the best in class. He is looking beastly in his new Dark Shadow cloak so just imagine the possibilities if he is able to tame / control his power. No doubt he too will be a force to be reckoned with.


Finally, we get to see good character development for our main hero, Izuku, who has began to distinguish himself from being like All Might. Izuku has finally found his identity and support for his powers through a new set of combat style – ?using mostly his legs. As we all know, All Might?s special moves are centered around his fists, which Izuku has tried to imitate countless times. Now he moves forward and gets a light bulb moment delivering a ONE FOR ALL FULL COWL SHOOT STYLE. Maybe Sanji (One Piece) can hop in for a crossover chapter and teach Izuku.?

Boku No Hero Academia 101

Boku No Hero Academia 101

Fans are receiving the revelations on this chapter well and think that this will make the series unique. It is refreshing to see a main protagonist or better yet, a main hero who uses kicks instead of punches – except maybe Sanji.

In Boku no Hero Academia 102, we expect to see Izuku shifting his training and focusing more on his legs and agility so that he can deliver kicks effectively. Fans also can?t wait to see more of Hatsume and her antics that makes Uraraka jealous.

Now can you tell us just what the hell is Mineta holding on Boku no Hero 101? Post your answers on the comments sections below.

Boku no Hero Academia 101

Mineta Boku no Hero Academia 101

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