bob: USB Stick Turns TV To Social Activity

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bob: USB Stick Turns TV To Social Activity


Many families have been separated by the realities of our global world. Parents, children, and siblings have scattered all across the globe in search of better work and lifestyle.

The internet has made it easier for many family members to get in touch. Email and social networks have made it possible to communicate and share photos with ease and convenience.

But there are some things that many family members miss doing together ? like watching a TV show or a movie at home together, chatting and sharing comments on the story and the actors.


Thanks to an Israeli company- called Meet-Bob Ltd. , this sad scenario may soon be a thing of the past.

This company has created an Android powered USB stick that instantly transforms television sets (USB enabled that is…) into an interactive platform for viewing shows together and chatting and sharing messages with family and friends that are continents away.

The USB stick, called ?bob?, creates a network for the user where they can invite and include family members across the globe to view shows, watch videos, play games and access other services on the internet and simultaneously share it with others and chat about it on the television screen.


Different time-zones you say? No problem.

?bob? can sync the videos that you select so that family members and friends can all watch it together even if it is ?morning and night? at the same time.

?bob? also enables the users to create profiles that can be configured for each family member. Children can be limited to view and access specific shows and services while the elderly can utilize ?bob? to ask family and friends to assist them in doing online purchases (or even do their online grocery shopping together).


The ?bob? video below explains how this is possible:



?bob? was featured and launched at the 2014 Las Vegas Consumer Electronics Show ( CES) but there is still no information on how much the product and service will cost.

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