Bluetooth 5 for Apple iPhone 7 Price, Features, Where to Buy & How to Order

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Bluetooth 5 protocol update
SIG Bluetooth 5

The Bluetooth Special Interest group gave a green light to the Bluetooth 5 this week, making the next-gen wireless technology a go for upcoming devices like the Apple iPhone 8. Apple?s current iPhone 7, however, isn?t pegged to be upgraded to feature the latest wireless technology.

Bluetooth 5 Upgrade

The latest version of Bluetooth offers pretty radical performance upgrades over its predecessor, according to the organization. The new standard offers longer range, faster speeds and much more.

Compared to the previous Bluetooth 4.2 protocol, the Bluetooth 5 offers four times longer range. This means you don?t have to worry about moving too far away from the device. The updated protocol offers two times the speed of Bluetooth 4.2, which helps in faster transmission of data.

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Apple AirPods

In addition, the latest iteration of Bluetooth offers eight times the broadcast message capacity of its predecessor. Also, the update includes some fixes designed to help reduce potential interference with other wireless technologies.

With the latest set of refinements, Bluetooth devices can provide a whole different set of outdoor, industrial and commercial uses. SIG said that the Bluetooth 5 will help ?advance the Internet of Things (IoT) experience.

As part of the non-technical update, SIG has adopted a new simplified naming strategy for its Bluetooth. It will no longer issue traditional version and point numbers. This will help prevent confusion among the people regarding different Bluetooth versions.

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iPhone 7 Bluetooth 5

The Bluetooth 5 is expected to start shipping in commercial devices within two to six months. This means that the next generation of Apple products, including the iPhone 8, will ship with the new and improved wireless standard. Speculations are abound that the next-gen iPad Pro that will possibly be released in March will adopt the new upgrade.

Apple enthusiasts interested in the iPhone 7, however, will have to do without this next generation technology. The addition of the Bluetooth 5 would have made perfect sense for the Cupertino giant which removed the headphone jack to promote wireless headphones.

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Though the iPhone 7 design remains similar to the iPhone 6 series, it does introduce some radical changes. The new iPhone has a quad-core processor with the Apple A10 Fusion chipset. Both iPhone 7 and 7 Plus have a 12MP camera with the larger model equipped with a dual camera sensor. Also, the devices see larger improvements in terms of water resistance which is way cooler. The new phone even supports Apple?s latest iOS 10 version. The iPhone 32GB is priced $649 while the 128GB is for $749. The iPhone 7 Plus 32GB is pegged at $769 while the 256GB can be had for $849.

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