Blue Whale Suicide Game: Everything You Need To Know & How To Protect Kids From Playing It

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Blue Whale Suicide Game
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As of late, an online game called “Blue Whale” is supposedly being investigated throughout many countries. The game is said to challenge people, particularly teenagers, to do acts of self-harm and eventually suicide because of it. Here’s what you need to know about this Blue Whale suicide game and how to protect kids from playing it.

Blue Whale Suicide Game

According to NewsJournalPH’s report, the Blue Whale suicide game has apparently spread to many countries like United Kingdom, Brazil, Colombia, and Chile. The “game” supposedly happens when an unknown person suddenly contacts his victim to do certain tasks for them which usually involve self-harm and other dangerous tasks. Refusal to comply would supposedly provoke the unknown person to target the victim’s loved ones instead like family and friends. Apparently, the game lasts around 30 tasks and the 30th task would finally be to take the victim’s own life. People are generally advised to watch their kids and teenagers to do be careful on the internet to avoid being victimized by this “game.”


However, not everyone is convinced of the true existence of this game. As seen on Reddit’s Out of the Loop thread, the general public are doubtful that this game actually exists. However, they do recognize that teenagers don’t make the best decisions as per observation or personal experience. This Blue Whale suicide game apparently banks on ignorance of people about hoaxes and not checking sources about this supposed game.

NewsJournalPH’s report barely has any official sources about the issue which makes the coverage highly doubtful. If this was really an issue of national or international concern, large news medias like New York Times, and Reuters would be all over it.

Awfully Similar

Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman’s movie, “Nerve” released last 2016 featured a similar plot to this Blue Whale suicide game. Instead of taking their own lives, the players in this game are doing their best to escape the game once it has taken a bad turn. If you’re interested to see this Blue Whale suicide game as a movie, be our guest and try to find a copy.

Saving Your Kids

The act against this “Blue Whale suicide game” shouldn’t be to strictly police your children off social media but to try to reason with them. Inform them about the supposed existence of conceptually dumb games but not to the point of pestering them. Going overboard makes them feel like an idiot and the warning goes nowhere. Any game that encourages actual real life self-mutilation and suicide isn’t a game. Nobody wins from killing themselves or at least getting their supposed rewards if they do. Have a good night and sleep well.

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