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Blue Dragon Featured on Xbox One Backwards Compatibility? BD2 Under Development?

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Xbox One Backwards Compatibility

In August of this year, Xbox head Phil Spencer teased the apparent arrival of Blue Dragon to the Xbox One backwards compatibility update. Now, the topic is again brought up after a fan inquired about the possibility of developing Blue Dragon 2.

In their Twitter exchange, a fan asked Spencer ?not to bug you, but will there ever be a Blue Dragon sequel for Xbox One? It’d buy it immediately!!? The Xbox head answered ?Right now more focused on getting BD1 to XB1 owners. ?I’d never say never but not working on BD2 now.?

Who can forget the funny way Phil Spencer revealed the coming of Blue Dragon to the Xbox One backwards compatibility update? He said that he?s not supposed to reveal it, but he will do it anyhow.

So there you go, expect Blue Dragon to arrive on the backwards compatibility, while still hoping Microsoft will work on providing BD 2 in the future. Meanwhile, the Xbox One backwards compatibility feature continues to expand. Weekly, new titles arrive in the feature without prior notice.

Xbox One Backwards Compatibility

Unfortunately, the Microsoft feature has been slow in releasing Triple A games lately. The last fans were amazed with the titles was when ?Red Dead Redemption? finally came out in July. Although there are list of game titles that remain on the top spot of most voted game, Microsoft is unable to provide them for now.

Xbox One Backwards Compatibility

These games include, BioShock, BioShock 2, BioShock Infinite and Skate 3. Meanwhile, Call of Duty: Black Ops II remain on top of the most voted game in the Xbox one backwards compatibility list. In May, Microsoft introduced the special support for multi-disc games in the Xbox One backwards compatibility feature, with Deus Ex: Human Revolution Director?s Cut as introductory game.

Can we trust Phil Spencer?s words? We could.?But until such time Blue Dragon arrives on the XBox One backwards compatibility feature, we can?t surely count on the Blue Dragon 2 to arrive shortly. More backwards compatibility news? Check us here on TheBitBag.


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