Blue Dragon creator doesn’t like Kutaragi or the PS3

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This comes from PSPSPS.

“The machine’s architecture is tricky, and I don’t like Ken Kutaragi.? So says Hironobu Sakaguchi, the creator of Blue Dragon and Final Fantasy. Speaking in an interview with EGM magazine (via 1UP), Sakaguchi was pleased with the software for the Xbox 360, but criticised the company?s marketing. ?”Microsoft has to change its marketing strategy in Japan. There are a lot of excellent games on the 360, far better games than what’s on the Wii or PS3. But not a lot of people in Japan have a clear idea what games like Gears of War are all about. Just look at the Windows Vista commercial — it’s terrible.”

The PlayStation 3 has had some problems when it comes to getting decent exclusives RPG, with a lot of developers choosing to develop for the Xbox 360 as well as hinting at multiplatform releases for mega-franchise Final Fantasy. Development costs are high and multiplatform?s the current developer survival technique. Nevertheless, the Xbox 360?s had a bit more luck with RPGs. If the PS3 gets a roster of games that?s good enough to attract serious numbers to the console in the long run, then we could see some RPGs return to Sony. Until then, there?s not much to do but wait.


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