?Bloodline? Season 3 Updates: Nolan Rayburn Will Be The Lead Character?

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Bloodline Season 3 is likely to keep the character of Nolan Rayburn in the limelight. The showrunner, Glenn Kessler, has teased such possibility.

?He’s (Nolan) still young. But he is also someone who will do bad things to make things better. The whole Rayburn clan is guilty of that. I think he’s going to lean on the side of making things better, but maybe try to distance himself from what he’s already done. He’s got a huge amount of guilt. But I still have no idea where it’s going. I don’t think anyone does,? Kessler said.

Nolan does not want to forget his dad’s death. He may start imitating his dad. The Rayburns will start finding Danny in Nolan. In fact, Nolan never had a good time with his father. His dad?s death was the turning point of his life. Nolan and his dad, Danny, share the same looks and the same mannerisms. Kessler also said that Nolan has a lot of anger in him, according to Tampa Bay Review.

John will start missing Danny. He will be thinking too much about Danny. ?Kyle Chandler, who is playing the character of John, has teased that John will be a messed up character. Chandler also revealed that John has ?got a tremendous depth of pain and anger. His dark sides will be shown in the upcoming season. He can be self-destructive too.

Danny?s memories will also trouble the Rayburn family. ?It feels like the DNA of the show is really informed by Danny?s influence on his family, so that will always be there, either in death or being haunted by his memory. At the center of this tragedy is the effect of this black-sheep brother on the family. So we never want to get too far from his murder and we never want to get too far from the influence he had on his family,? Kessler said.

Beau Bridges? Roy Gilbert is a bad guy. He has some links with the drug trafficking world. The Rayburn family has to face him.

Bloodline Season 3 will be returning to the television screen in 2017.

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