?Bloodline? Season 3 To Be Filmed In Florida: Netflix Confirms The News

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?Bloodline? season 3 will be shot in Florida. Netflix content chief Ted Sarandos has confirmed the news.

“Yeah, for sure. It’s an iconic location. The one thing that’s cool about Netflix shows is that those locations are characters. In the Hell’s Kitchen shows like Daredevil, Hell’s Kitchen is a character ? we can’t fake it in Canada. So tax credits are a nice offset but if it doesn’t fit the creative, we’re not going to chase it,? Ted Sarandos told The Hollywood Reporter.

Due to Florida?s tax incentive related issue Bloodline team was not able to start filming in Florida. ?Bloodline? series co-creator Todd A. Kessler had also admitted the fact.

Bloodline Season 3 Spoilers: Danny’s Memories Will Trouble John?

?Bloodline? season 3?s storyline will be focusing around the character John. Danny?s memories will haunt him. He will be a disturbed person. John will not be able to live a family life. Diana believes that John killed Danny. In the last episode of season 2, fans saw John leaving to an unknown place. ?He may ?stay away from Diana and kids forever. According to the co-creator, Danny and John had an intimate relationship. John will start missing that. ?

Meg may speak about Danny?s death with her mom. ?It feels like the DNA of the show is really informed by Danny?s influence on his family, so that will always be there, either in death or being haunted by his memory. At the center of this tragedy is the effect of this black-sheep brother on the family. So we never want to get too far from his murder and we never want to get too far from the influence he had on his family,? ?Bloodline? co-creator Glenn Kessler said earlier.

Rayburn family will be in serious trouble in the upcoming season. Beau Bridges? Roy Gilbert will be ?a troublemaker. He is from drug trafficking world. Glenn Kessler ?has teased that Gilbert is a man who under the front of being a legitimate businessman has a whole underbelly that puts the Rayburns in the crosshairs. Viewers will also get to watch Danny?s flashback. Rayburns have some secrets, which are linked to the previous seasons. These secrets may give an unexpected twist to the plot.

Fans are speculating that premiere episode of ?Bloodline? season 3 will hit the television screen in 2017.

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