Bloodline Season 3 Spoilers: Rayburn Family Will Be Facing Problems Due To Danny?s Death?

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?Bloodline? Season 3 is making the audience stand on their toes. As per the latest updates, the Rayburn family will be encountering a number of problems due to Danny’s death.

Bloodline Season 3?s storyline is somewhere linked to the ninth episode of the second season. In that episode, Danny was teaching John to smoke and also told him about Keys. “He warns John that if you stay here you’ll never get to be who you really are, never get to be free. That resonates with John, so by the end of the 10th episode in this moment of crisis, he kind of has an epiphany and the actions he takes kind of follow through on what teenage Danny said to him: ?Get out and save yourself,?” Bloodlines? Co-creator ?Glenn Kessler said.

The actor Kyle Chandler has confessed that his character John will be a messed-up personality. He will be self-destructive. Fans will come to know the dark sides of John.

Roy Gilbert Will Harm Rayburn Family?

Beau Bridges’ Roy Gilbert may be a threat to Rayburn family. He has some connections with drug trafficking world. ?This is a man who under the front of being a legitimate businessman has a whole underbelly that puts the Rayburns in the crosshairs,? Glenn Kessler told The Hollywood Reporter.

Kevin wants to have a clean image. It may not be possible because he is a co-conspirator in a murder. The show runners have also teased that they have a lot more to tell about Rayburn brothers.

John Will Leave Diana?

Diana is suspicious about John. She feels that John killed Danny. In the finale episode of the season second, she told John not to come home. However, later on, she called him. John did not receive Diana?s call. It looks like John wants to stay away from Diana and the kids forever.

Bloodline team wants to shoot the season 3 in Florida. However, the team has to solve Florida?s tax incentives issue.

?Bloodline? Season 3 will be hitting the television screen in 2017.

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