Bloodline Season 3 Spoilers: Death Of Danny Will Trouble rayburn Family?

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?Bloodline? Season 3 will make the audience stand on their toes. The upcoming season will reveal Rayburn family secrets. The death of Danny will be in the limelight.

?Bloodline? co-creator Glenn Kessler has revealed that Danny?s memories will haunt the Rayburn family.

“It feels like the DNA of the show is really informed by Danny’s influence on his family, so that will always be there, either in death or being haunted by his memory. At the center of this tragedy is the effect of this black-sheep brother on the family. So we never want to get too far from his murder and we never want to get too far from the influence he had on his family,” Kessler said.

John will feel guilty for killing his brother Danny. He will also start missing the close relationship which he had with Danny. He will be living in a dilemma. He wants to protect his public image. But Danny’s secret may trouble him.

?There was an intimacy of that relationship that led to that killing. And now that Danny’s gone, John is still dealing with that intimacy and that part of himself, which is like Danny. He can’t get away from it, Danny’s influence on his life. It was something we wanted to explore, and it gave rise to another way of how we could use Ben,? Kessler added, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Meg will be supporting John. There is a possibility of Meg speaking to her mother about Danny’s death. If that happens, it may give an unexpected turn to the Season 3.

Bloodline Season 3: Show Creators Are In Trouble?

Due to Florida?s tax incentives related issues, ?Bloodline? series co-creators are in trouble. The team wanted to shoot season 3 in Florida. The show?s creator Todd A. Kessler has revealed that financial problems may affect the show. He did not reject the idea of season 3. So, keep the hope up.

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