Bloodline Season 3 Spoilers: Danny’s Ghost Not Returning? Roy Gilbert Plays the Villain?

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Bloodline Season 3 has been given the go signal to return to Netflix with 10 episodes to air in 2017. Questions and theories still surround the ending of season 2, with a possible new villain to surface from old faces and for the ghost of seasons past to up and leave the series. The biggest question to answer will be about the central character of Danny Rayburn. How long can you keep someone a ghost?

Often seen in season 2 as part of flashbacks and as a ghost conjured up by younger brother John Rayburn?s guilty conscience, actor Ben Mendelsohn is rumored to be stepping out of the series completely. Speculations from The Hollywood Reporter say that the eldest Rayburn may be exiting the show. Apart from the character becoming more irrelevant, Mendelsohn has other projects such as Rogue One and Ready Player One. The actor would allegedly prioritize his other projects over Bloodline.

Unlikely villain

We?ve seen the Rayburns setting themselves up for a whole lot of complicated mess in the past 2 seasons but now it seems that another ?bad person? is being set up to join this party. According to the show?s fans on Reddit, they see an unlikely villain in Roy Gilbert. It seems Roy will blackmail John as he possesses a tape involving Danny and Lowry.

Another interesting arc that fans have raised in forums is the potential frame up of Eric O?Bannon to Danny?s death. This leads to another theory that John Rayburn?s character will only become darker.

Co-creator Daniel Zelman says that as John discovers who he really is, there are likely darker aspects in his personality. Zelman reveals further that since there are three people involved in Danny?s murder, they might not suffer the same fate.

It was reported last month that cancellation of the show was looming. Apparently, there were financial constraints that stalled negotiation between Sony Pictures Television and Netflix. Too bad if this show gets canceled as it scored 80% on Rotten Tomatoes and 75% on Metacritic. It also earned several nominations for Emmy Awards.

There is no official release date for Bloodline Season 3 yet, but it is slated to return sometime first quarter of 2017.


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