?Bloodline? Season 3 Cancelled Or Delayed? Production Woes Threaten Release Date

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Is Bloodline Season 3 Cancelled? The fate of Bloodline Season 3 has been uncertain and fans are now getting worried. Is the Netflix show cancelled or just delayed? Production woes threaten the release date expectations as the production team may need to find a new location for filming.

Netflix has not confirmed complete cancellation of the series despite the resurfacing of cancellation rumors. As for the trouble with filming location, it was due to some unavoidable tax changes, Parent Herald reports. And if production moves to a new location then that would dispel rumors of the third season?s cancellation.

If the series does move to a new location, then fans should expect that there will be possible major changes to the plot.

Deadline was able to talk to co-creator Glenn Kessler recently, and he appeared to disprove all rumors of the show?s cancellation as he said, ?We always planned on multiple seasons.? This means that production for Season 3 is still underway but they might just be looking for a new location at the moment.

He continued, ?It?s about the family and the relationships of those family members. Danny was always going to die, like in Crime and Punishment and other stories where it happens early. Bloodline is about watching these relationships evolve.?

The co-creator also discussed why they chose the Florida Keys, the southernmost point of continental U.S. as the series? setting, which was less of a backdrop and more of a character in its own as Deadline notes.

?It?s a unique place, there?s a pace of life that?s very different,? Kessler said. ?It?s spread out. It?s beautiful physically but it?s basically a two-lane highway. It?s like 80 or 100 miles of roads with business just along the highway??

He continued, ?A picture postcard beautiful paradise. But it has a very creepy underbelly of human trafficking, drug trafficking. It is the most southern point in the United States, it?s the closest point to Cuba, and there?s a lot of weirdness which is great for the show. There?s a lot of texture. People do seem to drop out of their lives there from a lot of places. They?re either running to something or running from something.?

The location appears to be perfect for the dramatic thriller and whatever setbacks they have in production, the worse thing could likely be just a bit of a delay in the release date.

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