?Bloodborne: The Old Hunters? Review Compilation: Critics Give Game Top Marks

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The newest expansion for the hit Horror Action-RPG is making waves today.

When Bloodborne was released, people thought that it was just another Souls game from From Software. But after playing the game, they knew it is not just another Souls game, but rather a much darker and immerse game. Now with the release of the newest expansion The Old Hunters, if featured more content and more monsters to slay before they slay you. We rounded up the list of game websites that reviewed the expansion and let us see what their receptions on The Old Hunters were

GameSpot 9 out of 10

There?s beauty in both success and failure in Bloodborne. A one-second lapse in concentration can place you at the receiving end of a fatal combo but if you can maintain a persistent presence of mind, a triple-digit killstreak is not unheard of. Being tested by new foes in these new lands is an unquestionable joy, as is the ability to bring these newfound armaments and treasures into the main game. The Old Hunters is Bloodborne from another time and place, and with more difficult bosses and confounding stories to unravel, it’s a fitting complement to the original, gruesome adventure.

GamesRadar 4.5 out of 5

The Old Hunters’ biggest accomplishment is building up Bloodborne into an even greater version of itself. It gives us greater insight into that sick and broken world, and elicits that same feeling of intense humility when faced with a towering Lovecraftian monster. Its improvements are incremental, but stand out enough that they’re easily recognizable, and bring a great deal of value to the overall experience. So while you would still have a good time playing Bloodborne without touching The Old Hunters, you’d only be hurting yourself. With that extra bit of content, Bloodborne as a whole feels bigger, fuller, and better.

IGN 8 out of 10

The Old Hunters is another shot in the arm of the same serum that coursed through Bloodborne?s veins. Though diehards may pillage its secrets quickly, my approximate 15 hours spent delving its depths and gleefully employing each new destructive tool felt satisfyingly dense. The Old Hunters is an impressive return to From Software?s oppressive and rewarding universe, and while it retreads much of the same path, it?s very much a path worth taking.

Looks like the expansion is getting a lot of praises from critics. Bloodborne: The Old Hunters is now available on the PlayStation Network, you can purchase the bundled Bloodborne: The Old Hunters Edition which includes the Bloodborne base game and the expansion at your favorite game retail stores.

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