Bloodborne Card Game Under Development

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Bloodborne started as an action role-playing video game that became popular with the masses. It was so good that it eventually had a huge fanbase. Imagine playing this game in a different setting. Soon, Bloodborne fans will be able to play this game in a much simpler version. A popular Board and Card game designer has decided to work on this new project: the all new Bloodborne card game. Eric Lang, the famous game designer and creative consultant for great tabletop games like World of Warcraft and XCOM, has taken the liberty of announcing the next Bloodborne hit.

He announced recently on Twitter that he will be officially creating the card game based on From Software?s popular franchise. The game will be created in partnership with co-developer CMON Games. He did say it is licensed so there will be no problems with its production. Lang describes the game as ?highly deep and interactive card game? that keeps its simplicity at the same time. His goal is to copy the same level of fun and frustration the original video game has in terms of competitions between players.

The game will play around expeditions into the original game?s procedurally-generated Chalice Dungeons. There will be a sound cooperative mode and it involves risk management with a bit of strategy planning, including inventory management/upgrades, and tactical play in a short yet action-packed 30-minute card game. This sounds compelling enough for players to actually think of this as a competitive game but we won?t know for sure unless we get the finished product.

This combination may seem to be weird at first, but Lang was part of the team that brought us last year?s crowd-favorite XCOM board game adaptation, so we expect nothing more than the best from this guy. Lang is hasn?t disclosed when the official Bloodborne card game is going to be released and its cost.



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