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Bloodborne 2 Release Rumors Spark As New Official Artworks Surface Online

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Recently, fans found out a Bloodborne artwork book will be released on May 2017. Due to this release, Bloodborne 2 rumors are brewing. Potentially, this sequel could be the FromSoftware game after Dark Souls 3. Here?s what we know so far about these Bloodborne 2 rumors.

Artbook Rumors

According to lupianwolf?s thread on the PS4 Reddit, an Amazon posting about the Bloodborne Official Artworks book was discussed in the thread. Since FromSoftware and Sony had a new Bloodborne-related release, some fans already speculated of a ?Bloodborne 2? release. For now, nobody knows if the Bloodborne Official Artworks book really holds any clues to a sequel until its release on May 2017.

Potential Contents

As expected, the Bloodborne Official Artworks book can contain concept art, development illustrations, and images of the game?s areas and characters. Bloodborne has been lauded for its Lovecraftian visuals along with some Victorian horror themes. Fans of this series or art style may pick it up. Any clues like unused monsters, characters, and areas may count as teases if you bought the book or gets leaked on the internet.

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FromSoftware so far

Currently, FromSoftware is yet to release the Dark Souls 3 second DLC. After Ashes of Ariandel, Dark Souls 3 fans still have no idea for the game?s second DLC. Some rumors say that FromSoftware may release a Bloodborne-like DLC expansion in Dark Souls 3. However, the lore and patch notes for this series have been mysterious and its developers rarely talk about it.

The second Dark Souls 3 DLC is expected to be released in early 2017. Even if the DLC gets released on last first quarter month of April, the Bloodborne art book will still get released later than the DLC. Director Hidetaka Miyazaki may appear on the media once more to talk about their next move once the second Dark Souls 3 DLC get released. Currently, Grasshopper Manufacture?s Let It Die and Team Ninja?s Ni-oh are ?Souls-like? games that may share its spot with Dark Souls and Bloodborne on the market. FromSoftware may not want to let their fame go that easily to the competition through not releasing another Souls game in a long time. We?ll have to wait for more official announcements for these games soon.

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