Bloodborne 2 Release Date And Gameplay: What Fans Want

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Sony executives recently teased that there are amazing titles in store for 2017. Among these titles is a rumored sequel to FromSoftware?s 2015 hit title, Bloodborne. The game was met with positive response, so it?s no surprise that there’s a big demand for the developers to do a follow-up title. Although it?s already a good game, there are quite a few changes that fans would want from a possible?Bloodborne 2.

Bigger DLC

The original story arc of Bloodborne was expanded with The Old Hunters DLC. The DLC itself was huge and features hours of gameplay, new enemies and bosses to fight, new weapons to collect and many more. The DLC was also met with positive response, but fans can?t help but want more from the extra content.

Originally, FromSoftware planned to release two expansion packs for the game. They later decided to merge it into one, and it became the Old Hunters DLC. Despite this, some fans still feel they could have experienced more content in it. Hopefully, From Software creates a DLC that?s as big if not bigger than The Old Hunters.

More Weapons

The highlight of Bloodborne are the weapons. Each weapon is unique and transformable, helping players?be equipped with a tool that suits their playstyle. Even an early game weapon can take players to the end if they want to. There?s a decent selection of weapons in the first game, but fans are definitely going to want more in Bloodborne 2. If there?ll be more weapons to choose from, then we can expect to get our hands on a variety of gameplay styles to suit how we choose to play.

Bigger World

If a?Bloodborne 2?game gets released, chances are that it?s not going to be set in Yharnam. Wherever the next game will take us, we?re hoping for bigger and more horrific areas than what we got in the first game. The setting itself will set the pace of the next entry, so FromSoftware will definitely deliver right from the start.

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