Bloodborne 2 PS4 Release Still Possible, FromSoftware Still Open In Developing Dark Souls-Like Games

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Is Bloodborne 2 coming? [Image from the PlayStation Store]

Fans have been wanting a Bloodborne 2 ever since they finished the first game and it’s expansion pack. While it played similarly to Dark Souls, the late Victorian setting and more aggressive combat helped it feel fresh. After some interesting comments from the game’s director, it seems like a sequel is possible, though nothing was outright said.

During an interview with Famitsu that was translated by Gematsu, the director revealed that he’s not concerned if his next game resembles Dark Souls. It’s not clear if this means he’ll make games like it or make a different experience, but that’s his statement. He also stated that he is already working on new projects, though he didn’t say a sequel was being made.


The want for Bloodborne 2 is understandable, given the amount of awards the first game won years ago. In fact, the game was so good PlayStation Asia re-released it in 2017, giving players a free theme as well. Players also flocked over the Old Hunters expansion pack, which gave players plenty of new monsters to fight.

We will have to wait and see if the game comes to fruition, though it will likely be a PS4 exclusive if it does. Sony seemingly has a deal with FromSoftware to make exclusives for their consoles, like Demon’s Souls for PS3 and Bloodborne on PS4. Rumors of a re-mastered Demon’s Souls were a thing, but nothing really came from it, though it could also be one of the projects being worked on,

More Dark Souls?

PS4 owners might want Bloodborne 2, but FromSoftware is open to making new Dark Souls games without the original director. Dark Souls 3 recently had it’s second and last expansion pack, solidifying the end of director Hidetaka Miyazaki’s involvement with the series. That being said, Dark Souls is now a big franchise and could get more sequels under a different director, if Bandai Namco wants.

As expected, Dark Souls 3 was a critical and commercial success, with many fans loving the game like they did previous ones. While not the most innovative from the series, it did have fun boss fights and enough imagination to please diehard fans. It was also really difficult, which a lot of fans were hoping it would be, so it did not disappoint in that regard.

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