Bloodborne 2 Release: Reasons Why The Sequel Could Be Revealed At E3 2017

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Bloodborne 2
Fan-made Title Art For Bloodborne 2 [Image Courtesy Of NeoGAF]

There are two titles that compose FromSoftware’s Soulsborne franchise: Dark Souls and the PlayStation 4 exclusive, Bloodborne. Both titles have given players a lot of hours in-game and players simply love the roguelike formula of each entry. Players are anticipating each release in the series but for now, Souls fans believe the time is right for a Bloodborne 2 game.

Bloodborne is without a doubt one of the best PlayStation exclusives there is. It launched back in 2015 and it was followed by a very expansive DLC called The Old Hunters. The game was a big hit with fans and it’s a big surprise that FromSoftware is yet to give the series a sequel. If Dark Souls has had several titles already, why can’t there be a Bloodborne 2? Here are a few reasons why the sequel will be revealed this coming E3.

Shuhei Yoshida With FromSoftware

Back in February, the Soulsborne community was definitely all riled up when Sony’s Shuhei Yoshida tweeted a photo of him with a team from FromSoftware. Fans readily speculated that the gaming exec and the dev team are finally laying out the plans for Bloodborne 2.

Since then, we’ve yet to hear what Yoshida and FromSoftware discussed during the lunch meeting but to this date, fans still believe that they are one step closer to getting a sequel for the 2015 instant classic. Hopefully, we get to see Yoshida with some news about the sequel this upcoming E3 2017.

It’s Just Too Good

When Bloodborne launched, it was considered as one of the best PlayStation exclusives ever made. The game garnered an overall rating of 91 across 87 critic reviews and we wouldn’t be surprised if Sony and FromSoftware do work on a sequel for it.

Despite having a lot of similarities with Dark Souls, Bloodborne was still a pretty unique game in itself. It had a different weapon mechanic and gameplay system that rewarded aggressive play. The highlight of the game is perhaps the dark and brooding Victorian setting which set the pace for the entire story.

Why A Sequel Won’t Happen

When it comes to reasons why a sequel won’t happen, there’s only one reason that comes to mind. The story of the game was clearly ended in Bloodborne. If From Software does plan a sequel, then they have to create a new story or a prequel like The Old Hunters DLC.

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