Blogger Florence Porcel is Ready to Stay in Mars

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It would still take 10 years for the Mars One project to come true, but aspirant Florence Porcel is ready to give up her Parisian life to settle on the Red Planet.

On December 30, 2013, Mars One announced that from the more than 200,000 applicants that wanted to be the first ?human ambassadors to Mars?, only 1,058 remained.? Porcel is among those who made it to the second round of screening.

image grabbed from Florence Porcel's Facebook page

image grabbed from Florence Porcel’s Facebook page







In an interview with AFP, Porcel expressed her delight for making it to the shortlist saying that she ?has always felt a bit cramped on Earth?.

?I have always dreamt of exploring other worlds.? I am not a pilot, nor a doctor, nor an engineer. ?I was never going to become an astronaut through the normal channels,? Porcel said.

In her application video, Porcel mentioned that she is learning botany, geology, mathematics and flying as preparation for her life in Mars.? Porcel also highlighted her involvement in all things space-related.

image grabbed from Florence Porcel's Facebook page

image grabbed from Florence Porcel’s Facebook page






Among these is her podcast about the universe- the first of its category in the French iTunes, her radio talk show wherein she tackles astronomy and space exploration, and her blog, aptly named Galaxy of Florence Porcel.? Porcel also admitted that she was the one who created the universe in Twitter.

In her blog, Porcel talks about the Mars One project regularly and has dedicated a lot of posts related to the mission.

In one of her posts, entitled ?10 good reasons to settle on Mars?, Porcel highlighted the advantages of living in the Red Planet including having no pesky neighbors and that the 39 more minutes on Mars means that there will be ?no more violence against alarm clocks?.? A Martian day lasts for 24 hours and 39 minutes.? Porcel also said that she will be the one to win the Instagram contest of most distant from Sun?s sunset and breaking the world record of long jump and high jump would be a piece of cake.

But her number 10 answer is probably the most telling of how passionate Porcel is about being one of the first astronauts on Mars, ?because every single particle of myself is just begging me to do this?.

"dear all it is a little chilly but I'm having fun. the view is nice"

“dear all it is a little chilly but I’m having fun. the view is nice”








Still, Porcel is aware of the dangers.

?We will be trying to survive on a hostile planet: even breathing, drinking and eating won?t be a given.? We will need a lot of hard work, energy and expertise? also some luck!? Porcel said in the interview.

Mars One is a non-profit foundation that aims to be the first to establish human settlement in Mars.? With the projected amount to reach USD 6 million, Mars One has been upfront in saying that the mission is a one-way trip.

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