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As I was browsing Gamefaqs earlier this morning, I came across a post by a user there regarding Xbox 360 games for cheap at One such game that poster referred to is The Orange Box (new). The promotional code “HOLIDAYSURPRISE” will take 30% off your order. When applied to The Orange Box, which is normally $17.70, the total price (if you choose free first class shipping) comes to $13.35, including tax. This price may vary slightly depending on your states’ sales tax, but it’s an amazing deal either way.

This code seems to work with anything, so you can swoop up some great games for cheap, even newer titles! Gears of War 2 and Resistance 2, for example, are selling for $61.99 and $63.99 respectively, but with the promotional code, they come to $46.75 and $48.26, including tax and free shipping!

For some reason, the site is as slow as a 56K modem, but your patience shall be rewarded with great deals! Hurry up because I doubt this code will last much longer.

Happy Holidays!

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