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How to block someone’s number on Viber for iPhone and Android

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Viber is a cross-platform app that allows users to send and receive text messages, voice messages, photos and voice calls. It’s one of the most popular and widely-used VoIP services for mobile phone users. Smartphone users can enjoy Viber on their iOS and Android devices while a desktop version is also available.

Viber doesn’t require users to register an account on their system or on Facebook. It immediately registers your mobile number found on your device as your ID and then pulls all your contacts into the app. If that mobile number has a Viber ID you can immediately start texting and calling with that contact for free. Viber uses VoIP technology where calls and messages are sent through the internet instead of mobile phone networks.

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More great features for Viber users (iOS and Android):

Aside from the initial features of VoIP calls and messaging, here are other great features that Viber users enjoy:

1. Group chats and messaging.

2. Free and paid stickers for enhanced communication.

3. Custom UI elements such as background, font color and profile pictures.

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How to block someone’s number on Viber (iOS and Android)

For iOS and Android users, there comes a time when you just have to block someone from seeing you online, sending messages or placing calls to your number. It may be because of any number of reasons but the necessity of blocking a person is still there. The initial reaction of most users encountering situations like this is to block the person’s number or account.

It’s a bit of a disappointment, however that users may find that it’s impossible to block someone’s number within Viber itself. The convenience of the app hides a weakness in terms of security and privacy. Nonetheless, it’s still a very popular app. However, the need for blocking a person cannot be denied so there must be a way to do so. Sadly, whether you’re using the iOS, Android or PC version of the app, you still cannot block anyone.

Alternative solution to blocking someone’s number on Viber

Even if Viber doesn’t allow users to block numbers within the app, there’s still a solution. Since Viber pulls contacts from the device’s list of mobile phone numbers then all you have to do is to delete the offending number from your contacts. Just go to your phone or tablet’s contact list and delete the person you want to block.

If you want Viber to install a contact blocking feature, you should send their developers an email or post your feedback on their app page in the app store you’re using.

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