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The Block 2016: Sasha, Julia Lesbian Couple Mess Up on First Episode?

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The popular reality show The Block has already claimed its first victim this season in just the first episode, Julia and Sasha messed up big time.

The Block boasts a diverse cast of couples competing in fierce challenges to renovate houses and manage to sell their creations for a profit.

This year, the contestants are tasked to renovate an old soap factory found in Port Melbourne. The task did not look easy and did prove to be quite challenging. The old soap factory was more ready to be destroyed, rather than be restored.

The pair Sasha Wright-Neville and Julia Treual were the first to face catastrophe on the very first episode of the season.




At first glance the couple seem to be more than capable of handling their obstacle. Julia is an accomplished property stylist and Sasha is an account executive who specializes in managing budgets and resources.

Sasha and Julia were given 48 hours to design and kit the pod that they will sleep in for the next upcoming weeks as they continue to work on renovating their apartment. The task seemed simple enough, however the next incident that was about to happen would change everything.

Julia was the first to drop the ball when indecision took over her, failing to manage proper styling choices. Sasha made matters worse and inevitably cause the finishing blow when she ended up actually mismanaging their funds. The pair went over budget, with a total of $ 1200 in debt to just their electrician.

A dramatic scene occurred wherein Julia had to tell Sasha that they had to give back the Manchester and all the furnishings that she bought for the pod.

Julia said: ?We need linen … I don?t have a doona, I don?t have pillows, I don?t have anything. This is ridiculous?.You actually have nothing?.. Right now we?re over.?

Sasha tried comforting and Julia and made it clear to the pair that the incident was primarily her fault. Sasha said: ?We?ve got the ability to do it … it just hasn?t been managed by me properly.?

Sasha and Julia may be off on a very bad start in this season, but The Block?s first episode is already the kinds of dramatic action to expect for the rest of the season.

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