Blizzcon 2015 Highlights: Starcraft 2 Legacy Of The Void DLC, Hearthstone New Adventure Pack And World Of Warcraft Legion Release Date Announced

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The event may be over, but there are some info that you need to know about the current games from Blizzard. Blizzcon made some big announcements this year, though there were not any new game announcements, but there are some great details for major game updates for their current and upcoming titles that you should not miss. So here are some of the news fresh from Blizzcon 2015.

Starcraft 2 will have DLC mission packs for post-Legacy of the Void story

It has been revealed that there will be a series of DLC packs that features the Terran Ghost Nova and it is slated for release next year. Nova Covert Ops will have 3 missions per pack and a total of three mission packs will become available soon. The story will focus on the events after The Legacy of the Void. The first mission pack is expected to become available on Spring 2016.

Starcraft 2 Legacy of the Void trailer

A new trailer showcased on what to expect for the conclusion of Starcraft 2, as we see the journey of Raynor, Kerrigan and Artanis. Expect to play Starcraft 2 Legacy of the Void on November 10.

Warcraft movie full-length trailer

After making a teaser for the debut of the trailer, the Warcraft movie trailer has finally premiered during the opening ceremony at Blizzcon. The Warcraft movie will premiere on June 10, 2016

Hearthstone?s newest adventure pack; League of Explorers

The newest add-on content for the online card game Hearthstones was announced and it will be called League of Explorers. It will feature four Warcraft heroes with the dwarf Brann Bronzebeard founding the League along with fellow heroes Reno Jackson, night elf cartographer Elise Starseeker and Sir Finley Murgleton the talking Murloc. Expect to see the new add-on as it becomes available next week.

New Heroes for Heroes of the Storm

New heroes have been confirmed for the new MOBA Heroes of the Storm, these include World of Warcraft?s Greymane, the enchantress Lunara, the two-headed ogre Cho-Gall and Overwatch?s Tracer. Cho?Gall is already been added to the roster this month.

World of Warcraft: Legion arrives Summer 2016

The upcoming expansion to the legendary MMORPG World of Warcraft will arrive on Summer next year. The Legion expansion will include the new Demon Hunter class, level cap increase to 110 and a new continent called the Burning Isles, as well as a revamp player-vs-player content. You can check out the trailer below.

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