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Blizzard Tries Card Games: A Look at Hearthstone

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Ever since the advent of the TCG niche, franchises have been repackaging and redesigning big and popular games into smaller TCG versions. For some strange reason, the unmitigated joy of owning an opponent with the draw of a card is simply irresistible to a lot of players.

Blizzard is no exception to this trend. And with the full Warcraft universe at it?s disposal, Hearthstone was born.

This gem of a download acts as the TCG version of the game. The premise is really simple. Build your deck and kick butt; just like any other TCG title out there in the market.

But TheBitBag has taken a look at this unique find and has come to realize a few elements of the game that make it such a big win for any fan of the franchise. Here are a few reasons why even IGN appreciates this game?s ?elegant simplicity?.


  1. Animated Card Actions ? If you put down a fireball card, you get a fireball. It comes to life and gives a new dimension to your action. Admit it. You?ve always wanted those beautiful artworks on the cards to simply jump right out and do your bidding. Blizzard has pulled out all the stops here to make sure you own (or get owned) in the most grandiose of manners.
  2. Interactive Tables ? From small cannons to breakable windows, each playing field comes with it?s own little quirk to help ease the waiting during every turn.
  3. Warcraft Lore in a Playable mode ? What we?re trying to say here is that every card you?ll have and earn here is connected to the Warcraft universe. From Dranei mages to artifacts of Quel?Thalas, you?ll be immersed in the rich and cultivated culture that is Warcraft. It?s like living in ?The Lord of the Rings without having to read the book!
  4. Strategy Dependent ? The diversity of the card game allows players to play the same card differently in situations that yield different results. This isn?t some card game wherein you just throw everything on the table and expect to win. This is a battlefield where both wit and card, work hand in hand, to deliver the exquisite right to trashtalk and gloat. Will you use your spell card right away or wait for the right draw to combine with your spell effects? It?s up to you!
  5. Diverse Playing Styles ? With 9 classes of different card types and card effects, players can set up their own decks to match their playing style. Are you more on creature summoning or spell casting? Are you more aggressive or passive? Are you more trashtalking or rage quitting? There?s a deck build for you to give your matches your own personal taste.

It can be said that this game did not disappoint its mother franchise. It provides players a whole new dimension in which to appreciate the name that they have come to recognize.


But despite these lovely reasons to love it, it does have its drawbacks. One of them is the random nature of the game. There are cards and card combinations and skills and effects that depend on probabilities to work. When there is a five percent chance for a spell to freeze you instead of your target, it will happen from time to time. This means that miracles can happen for you or for your foe. We think that this demeans the effort one puts into planning and strategizing due to the random nature of the game.

But despite that, TheBitBag certainly appreciates the rollover. We would definitely recommend this gem for the Warcraft fan or the TCG sauvant. Even Eurogamer went on and gave it a 10/10.



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