Blizzard Team Unveiled New Upcoming Patch For Heroes Of The Storm

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Since March of this year, the MOBA-like game Heroes of the Storm from the developers of World of Warcraft, has been undergoing a closed alpha test. A new update is rolled out every few weeks, with new content added, balance being changed, and character progression undergoing some reworks. And with another patch soon to be rolled out, the development team has every intention to make it stand out from the rest.

There are several things that will be featured in the update. First of all, players will be able to go to combat with a new hero that goes by the name Rehgar. Agile and courageous, the character?s development and creation was inspired by none other than the Warcraft shamans.

Dustin Browder, the director of the game, claims that “He’s a pretty cool and aggressive support character?. He proceeded to share that “He can change into his mount form whenever he wants very quickly. He turns into a ghost wolf and runs around. He’s a very special kind of support character, and a lot of fun to play. Basically, Rehgar is a shaman with a bunch of elemental abilities. He’s a classic Warcraft III Shaman build.”

A new map will also come along with the patch. The map, called the Garden of Terror, is dynamic but quite similar to the previous. In this setting, one of the goals of the players is to collect seeds that will allow them to create a huge plant monster that their character can turn into.

Some of the other new features and changes included in the patch are in terms of User Interface, progression changes, as well as performance. Advancing of the heroes is another aspect of the game that will be overhauled.

All these and more will soon be available to players of the Heroes of the Storm, and hopefully, it will be rolled out soon.

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