Blizzard Plans To Show Another MMO on BlizzCon 2014

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Blizzard Entertainment
Blizzard Entertainment

It has been almost 10 years since Blizzard?s World of Warcraft?took the throne as the king of massively multiplayer online games and this coming BlizzCon, Blizzard Entertainment might be giving us another potential game that will yet, be an epitome of ?epic? MMO games. There?s a high chance that Blizzard will actually have a follow up to the much-awaited new title.

According to an insider, Blizzard is almost done with the finishing touches for this next MMO game and it will get its formal announcement in the upcoming annual BlizzCon event. There are, however, some speculations revolving this ?game?. Some think that this upcoming game is actually project Titan. It is a much-anticipated game from Blizzard as well and if there?s anything worth formally revealing on an annual event, why not announce a game that everybody is hoping to see?

It is unlikely that this upcoming game will have anything to do with the already existing World of Warcraft game or being an expansion in either a big or small package. The project?s main goal is to cater to a different community of players and Titan is most likely to be a game that wouldn?t require a subscription. (Assuming, this title will be the one to be announced later this year at BlizzCon)

Even with all these things swirling about their unannounced title, Blizzard isn?t going to ride the E3?s hype train, and instead, intends to have things revealed at their own event which is going to take place on November 7 and 8 this year.

There?s also a good chance that this upcoming game won?t be confined to PCs alone, as the hit game Hearthstone made its way on the iPad and it will also be ported to the console later. Regardless of what they have planned for this game, you can bet that Blizzard is going to make sure that it will be something remarkable.

Image Source: Blizzard Facebook Page

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