Blizzard Plans To Introduce More Diversity In Its Games

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Mike Morhaime, Blizzard?s president and co-founder has replied to an open letter, criticizing the developer for not enough representation of ethnic minorities and females. The president assures the gaming public that its new games will have a more balanced representation.

Morhaime says, ?We?re grateful to have such a diverse and passionate player base, and we want everyone to feel welcome, safe, and included in our games and communities?We have made some mistakes in how we?ve communicated about this and how we?ve reflected it in other ways but we are working to improve?.

The co-founder assures, ?We are very conscious of the issues you raise and are discussing them more than ever, at every level of the company, in an effort to make sure our games and stories are as epic and inclusive as possible?.

He adds, ?We?ve always believed that positive, lasting change comes from examination, discussion, and iteration, and this applies as much to story as to gameplay. There is no reason why inclusivity should come at the expense of an amazing game experience?.

Poor Response

Late last year, Heroes of the Storm game director Dustin Browder, apologized for his ?poor response? to a question asked during an interview. The question pertains to the game?s sexy portrayal of its females.

In response to a question regarding the MOBA females dressed in sexy outfit, Browder said, ?We?re not sending a message to anybody. We?re just making characters who look cool. Our sensibilities are more comic book than anything else. That?s sort of where we?re at?.

Heroes of the Storm launch date

No official launch date has been set for Blizzard?s latest game offering. Only a selected group of players are allowed to play the game in its closed alpha version. The developer promised to launch a beta version later this year.

Heroes of the Storm is a multiplayer online battle arena in which various characters from different Blizzard games are gathered and fight each other in a teamed match up. The game also differs from other MOBA games in terms of gaining experience. Heroes of the Storm encourages team cooperation instead of individual effort only.

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