Blizzard Gamescom 2016 Live Stream: Overwatch, World Of Warcraft Legion, And More Reveals

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World Of Warcraft Legion

Blizzard is all set to take the stage at Gamescom 2016 tomorrow. The mega developer?s conference starts at 12:30 PM Eastern Daylight Time. You can catch a livestream of the presentation on the Blizzard?Gamescom 2016 page.

2016 has been a huge year for the company?s many games. Overwatch, which was released in May, was the company?s first new IP in over 15 years. It has since grown into a gaming phenomenon, thanks to its colorful cast of characters and passionate fanbase. Hearthstone, the company?s ever-popular online card game, received its biggest update yet when the new standard format was introduced last April. Meanwhile, its big brother World of Warcraft is gearing up for the release of its latest expansion: Legion, which arrives at the end of August.

If you?re a Blizzard fan, it?s clear that 2016 has already been very good. What else do they have in store? Let?s take a look at what the company might unveil tomorrow at Blizzard Gamescom 2016.


The latest Overwatch animated short which centers on everyone?s favorite sentry droid, Bastion, is premiering in the conference on Thursday, August 18. As for reveals, everyone is hoping that Gamescom is the place where the game?s next hero ? long rumored to be the mysterious Sombra ? finally makes an appearance.

World of Warcraft Legion

With the expansion coming out in less than two weeks, we don?t think there?s much else for Blizzard to share. Expect a big launch trailer to get everyone hyped for the release.

Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft

The card game just released its latest adventure: One Night in Karazhan last week, so it?s doubtful that any big news will be shared so soon. However, some of the game?s top streamers and casters will be at the event. Hopefully, we?ll get some more in-depth discussions on the state of the game.

Heroes of the Storm

HotS will be having a big e-sports event at Gamescom 2016. Hopefully, we get some new hero reveals during the conference.


Here?s where things get interesting. Earlier this month, a rumor from a trusted Korean news outlet said that Blizzard was working on an HD remaster of the original Starcraft. The news report speculated that Blizzard was looking to break the news in September, possibly during the Starcraft II World Championships in Mexico. Obviously, we?ve yet to find out if that is true.

Diablo III

Of all the games on Blizzard?s roster, it?s Diablo III that is most ripe for a big announcement at Gamescom 2016. The game has been relatively quiet since the release of the Reaper of Souls expansion more than two years ago. Will Blizzard have something to share? We?ll have to tune in to the livestream ?tomorrow to find out.

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