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Blix Electric Bikes: High-Performance Bikes for Your Off-Road Adventures

Discover places you’ve never been with Blix.

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Get ready to conquer the road with Blix's Ultra Flat Tire Ebike:

  • High-performance and utility-friendly electric bike
  • Safe and comfortable to use for long rides and tough roads
  • Suitable for off-road adventures and everyday use
  • Comes with customized accessories for different needs

Bicycles have always been practical vehicles, whether for off-road adventures or everyday use. You can use them when going to work, running errands, and exploring new places. They even allow you to avoid traffic jams and reach your destination faster. 

As technology has evolved, regular bikes have been upgraded to electric bicycles or e-bikes with more convenient features and advantages. Blix offers a versatile e-bike with unique features. Get ready for more exciting off-road adventures and stress-free daily rides with the Ultra Fat Tire Ebike!

This powerful all-terrain fat-tire e-bike is built for safe riding with a modular design and smart features to adapt to your needs. Its modular rack system includes mounting points in the front and rear that you can customize for off-road adventures or everyday use with Blix accessories and heavy-duty cargo capacity. 

The amazing features of this e-bike includes:

  • Dual-battery system
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Automatic power cut-off
  • Powerful braking
  • Handlebar-mounted bell
  • Integrated LED light
  • Large four inches of fat tires
  • Eight-speed gear shifter
  • Powerful motor
  • Throttle
  • Ability to switch between a class two and three e-bike

You can safely and comfortably ride the Ultra Fat Tire Ebike up to 80 miles. The powerful hub motor with 90 newton-meters torque can take you through rough terrains, sand, and snow. With two batteries totaling 1,334 watt-hours, you’ll get twice the range for longer rides without compromising on performance.

Through the Blix app, you can also get access to other features such as ride data, community feed, and over-the-air firmware updates that can help to improve your e-bike over time. You can even control your entire ride with the display by choosing between one to five levels of pedal assist power and checking your battery life, speed, and trip distance—making this a utility-friendly e-bike to boot.