Blink, a Self-Destructing Messaging App, Has Been Acquired by Yahoo

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Blink Secret Messaging app

The mobile messaging app Blink, which was launched on spring last year, has been acquired by internet giant Yahoo! Inc. Blink is a self-destructing messaging platform available for Android and iOS. It is gaining moderate traction in recent months while competing with other similar apps like SnapChat, the most popular, along with Confide, Privatext, Frankly, Wickr, and many more.

Meh Labs is the company that produced Blink; it is founded by Kevin Stephens and Michelle Norgan. Stephens is a Software Engineer who worked previously at Google for several years. Meh Labs initially focused on Kismet, a location-based platform that helps users connect with friends around the world. But Kismet did not deliver the needed following it should have so they shifted their focus to another emerging trend ? private mobile slash social messaging. They did just that with Blink. The app lets users share self-destructing photos, videos, send texts or voice messages to another user or group, all in a highly-secure environment thanks to a built-in encryption.

Since Blink?s launch last year, the company reported that it has been downloaded more than 100,000 times to date.? A little over half of the messaging apps users are located in the United States. It is recently enjoying a considerable following from users in the Middle East, which has become its second largest market. Stephens previously announced that their company will start to focus on their Middle Eastern market with the introduction of an Arabic version of the app. He also expressed intentions to include pro features that may help Blink appeal to professional and business users.

However, those efforts may not come to fruition as there are widespread rumors that Yahoo is planning to shutdown the messaging service soon after its acquisition. It suggests that the move by Yahoo is more about the talent they will gain from acquiring Blink rather than the messaging platform itself. The Blink team, made up of seven members, is also joining Yahoo. This is an example of another ?acquihire? being made by a tech company, which is also being done frequently by Facebook, Microsoft, and Google in recent years. According to Wikipedia, ?Acquihiring? is a financial slang that involves the process of acquiring a company in order to recruit its employees for their skills or talent with or without any interest in its products or services.

There are underground speculations that Yahoo?s goal is to get the upper hand over Google as the default search engine for all of Apple?s iOS devices. Yahoo apparently plans to do this by hiring Stephens, through the buy-out of his company, because he has experience as a software engineer for Apple and Google as well as a former product manager for YouTube.


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