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Blindspot Season 2 Updates: More Revelations As Premiere Nears

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Blindspot Season 2 is going to premiere in three months time and it is expected to give the fans the real identity of Jane Doe in its first few episodes. Also, aside from the character?s true self, the upcoming installment will also feature her trying to save the world.

As of now, what is clear in the second season of the TV series is that Jane Doe?s (Jamie Alexander) identity is going to be revealed. But, in a recent post by Yibada, it is said that Jane is going to save the world against Shepherd.

When the first season ended, it was discovered that Shepherd was the man behind the plan of destroying the world. Now, in the upcoming season, Jane is going to look after him and try to stop the character?s evil plans. Although it has yet to be announced who will play the character, the outlet noted that it is going to be someone new.

Aside from looking for Shepherd, Jane is also said to be crossing paths with Cade (Tom Lipinski), a person from her past. It can be recalled that Jane killed the character in Season 1, but with his upcoming return in Blindspot Season 2, it is obvious that Cade survived the attack. But, there is still no update as to how the two will bump into each other again as well as what is going to happen after that.

Clearly, Jane has a lot to do in the upcoming season of Blindspot. However, it is still a fact that in the first few episodes of the show, she will have to face the interrogation to be conducted by Kurt Weller and his team about Mayfair?s (Marianne Jean-Baptiste) death. ?Even though she was not directly responsible, it?s going to be initially hard for them to not blame her for Mayfair?s death. It?s a difficult thing for all of them,? showrunner Martin Gero told TV Line.

On the other hand, Kurt and Jane will soon have to work with each other as they both want to solve the case of Mayfair?s death. ?Even though they?re really upset at Jane, they all have a common goal now, which is bringing down the people that did this to Mayfair and trying to find out what this is all about,? Gero added.

Jane Doe is clearly going to be the focal point of Blindspot Season 2?s first few episodes. It is undeniable that she will take a huge role in hunting the guys who killed Mayfair, which will make the series even more interesting. Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

Blindspot Season 2 will premiere on September 21 on NBC at 8 p.m. Eastern Time.

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