?Blindspot? Season 2 Teases More Emotion-Packed Action In New Episodes

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Blindspot Season 2
Blindspot Season 2

Blindspot Season 2 episodes will be nothing but a roller coaster ride for its fans.

In an interview with E!News, Jaimie Alexander divulged that this season is filled with drama and action that were never featured during Season 1. There are also up and coming characters to watch out for in the succeeding episodes.

She told the news outlet that there will be lots of new faces who will be clarifying who Jane Doe really is. Actor Archie Panjabi is already set to play the role of the head of NASA’s secret department.

Blindspot Season 2 fellow actors Audrey Esparza and Sullivan Stapleton are both thrilled for the new episodes. According to Esparza,”Season 2 is going to pack even more punches than the first.”

A lot of dangerous stunts and car chases will be added to spice up the scenes. “I’m excited to see where it takes us,” Stapleton added.

Recently, new teasers for Blindspot Season 2, episodes 1, 2, 4 and 5 were released by SpoilerTV. In the first episode Jane can be seen looking for Sheperd. In Season 1 final episode, Oscar, Jane’s former beau was mortified of the character. This is the man who was responsible for erasing Jane’s memories.

Episode 2 will then reunite Weller with his FBI teammates to work together. Reade, played by Rob Brown, is also going to build a case against Coach Jones. His character was initially introduced during the first season. This is when Jane found out that those championship numbers that were tattooed all over her body is connected to Jones.

Episode 4 will turn romantic as scenes focus on Weller and Jane?s genuine emotions for each other. While Episode 5 revolves around a U.S. marshal and senator’s case. Weller will also carry on a new title as assistant director. Reade, on the other hand, will need to get more info about the coach.

Blindspot Season 2 airs on September 14 at 10 p.m. ET on NBC. For the latest on Blindspot Season 2, keep it here on TheBitBag.

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