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‘Blindspot’ Season 2 Premiere To Reveal Jane’s Motives, Identity

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Jane Doe is going to play a big part in Blindspot season 2, and according to a recent interview with its showrunner Martin Gero, the upcoming installment will shed lights to the character?s real identity.

It can be recalled that back in the season 1 finale, Jane (Jamie Alexander) appeared to be the one responsible for the death of Mayfair (Marianne Jean-Baptiste). Also, Kurt Weller (Sullivan Stapleton) got mad at Jane in the finale after he found out that she has been pretending to be his long-lost childhood friend Taylor Shaw.

With those scenes at hand, and given that the first episode of the second installment of the TV series is going to pick where it has left off, Gero stated that season 2 will reveal the true identity of Jane. ?That?s not going to be a mystery next season. You?re going to find out exactly who she is in the first episode of next season, so it?s not like we needed that for additional mystery,? the showrunner told TV Line. He also added that Jane will start the next season as ?more vulnerable because she?s been lied to by the bad guys.?

Gero further talked about Jane during the interview and shared what relationship she will have with Kurt in Blindspot season 2 especially after Jane appeared to be the mastermind of Mayfair?s death. ?Even though she was not directly responsible, it?s going to be initially hard for them to not blame her for Mayfair?s death. It?s a difficult thing for all of them,? he said. The showrunner also added that the premiere episode will feature the interrogation of Jane by Kurt and his team.

However, the word ?initially? from Gero?s statement would really mean something because the showrunner revealed that eventually, Jane, Kurt, and the team will have one goal in the second season. ?Even though they?re really upset at Jane, they all have a common goal now, which is bringing down the people that did this to Mayfair and trying to find out what this is all about,? Gero said.

Obviously, fans will see a lot more of Jane Doe in Blindspot season 2. But, what other things do you expect the second installment to deliver? Share your thoughts in the comment section below. The second season is scheduled to premiere this fall on NBC with a new schedule of every Wednesday at 8 p.m.

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