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Blindspot Premiere Spoilers: ‘In Night So Ransomed Rogued’

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Some viewers may have have been concerned that Blindspot has changed along with its new time slot, but worry not since the premiere has addressed these concerns. Episode 1 was a fantastic start for the show?s second season.

There were intense fights, many reveals, and a new label for an old threat. Blindspot picks up where it left off last season and brings new gimmicks to the table.

Recap ?

The story picks up after Jane spent three months with the CIA. She?s locked up in some facility in Oregon.

She goes through torture on a daily basis but endures well enough. The flashbacks show us that she was prepared for the worst through her training.

A part of her brain can?t be touched, and she?s doing her best to hold on until she can escape.

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Jane escapes by drowning herself, which prompts her captors to resuscitate her. She then manages to attack them, but that only lands her back in her cell.

However, she brings back with her into her cell the needle used to resuscitate her. With it, she manages to pick the locks and escapes. ?


Two weeks pass and we get a glimpse of Reade, Weller, Zapata and the rest of the gang. Everyone misses their old tattoo case. Thankfully though, someone is ready to bring them back to the tattoo case loop.

At the FBI HQ, Nas Kamal greets Weller and his team. He?s a high-ranking official from NSA?s Zero Division. The group has spent years hunting terrorist attacks disguised as Lone Wolf incidents.

The current group responsible is known to be Sandstorm. The Zero Division?s intel currently points to an incident in Times Square.

The current theory speculates that Jane worked with Sandstorm in the past. Nas wants her back, and they eventually track her down to a motel in Camden, New Jersey. Waller attempts to offer Jane peace.

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Things don?t go so well, and we get an interesting action sequence in the motel hallway. The FBI manages to catch Jane for questioning. She gets hooked up to a lie detector and admits that Carter kidnapped her and Oscar was the one that saved her.

She doesn?t know the real motives behind the framing of Mayfair. However, she shockingly reveals that Mayfair is gone, murdered by Oscar, whom she then killed.

Weller doesn?t fully trust Jane but Nas is optimistic. Nas points out that it?s the first decent lead for the Zero Division in years.

The final shot of the episode shows the viewers how serious Sandstorm is. Nas wants Jane to get into Sandstorm, and she has Jane set up a meeting. Jane?s alibi would be that she had been kept captive and tortured for three months and has only escaped now.

The plan seems to work as a man named Roman comes to the meeting and brings Jane to the hospital.

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Big Reveals

Blindspot revelations start picking up from here on out. At the FBI HQ, we get more insight on how the season is going to progress with Big Bad.

We learn that Patterson will gain software access from Nas so he can decode the Orion files. Additionally, the contents of the M7G677 reveal the image of a black hole.

After Jane gets patched up by Roman at the hospital, he complies with Jane?s wishes and brings her to Shepherd. The first thing Shepherd tells Jane is, ?I?m Shepherd, and I?m your mother.?

It was revealed that Jane was born in South Africa and that she had anti-apartheid parents. Also, her real name is Alice Kruger.

After her parents were killed by apartheid soldiers, she ended up in an orphanage where she was trained to be a child soldier. She wasn?t alone though. She was with her brother, who is Roman.

Meanwhile, Jane, Remy, and Alize are sent back to the FBI to continue with the Phase Two mission. The FBI, on the other hand, has Jane, Remi, and Alice spying on Sandstorm. Jane is pretty much a double agent now.

The big revelations of Blindspot episode 1 has set up a very interesting narrative for the rest of this season. Moreover, the final shot reveals that Sandstorm has a huge missile hidden away. Looks like Season 2 is set to be an explosive one.

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