Blindspot Episode 12 Recap: Scientist Hollow Fortune Puts off the Flame between Weller & Jane; One Mystery Solved?

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Blindspot episode 12 unravels another mystery that is woven into the life of Jane Doe/Taylor Shaw. But then the episode ?Scientist Hollow Fortune? also puts off the flame between Tom Weller and Jane.

It is quite obvious to everyone that both Tom and Jane have feelings for each other. The previous episodes gave a sort of romantic thrill among the show?s female fans. Since Lauren Patterson and David?s relationship was short-lived, fans are hoping that Tom and Jane would develop. ?Let?s face it, a pinch of romance in a detective TV series spices up the storyline.

However, it looks like the feelings of the two didn?t progress. In episode 11, Jane didn?t show up in the meeting place where Tom asked her to meet him. She chose to see Charlie instead in the hopes of finding out the truth.

Blindspot episode 12 picks up where it left off in the previous episode. TV Guide reports that ?Oscar gives Jane instructions for her first mission: to swap out the pen on Mayfair’s desk with a replica pen.? Of course, she was resistant to the idea and told Charlie that she wouldn?t betray her team. But it seems like Charlie had his way of having what he wanted. Jane would do what he told her to do, and then he would give her answers to her questions.

An awkward scene came when Jane met Tom at the locker room. Tom apologized for ?standing her up the night before.? But what was more awkward was when he said that things would just be ?too complicated?. So perhaps, romance died right there. Or did it? Episode 12 moved on introducing a new character. However, New York Times said that this episode is the kind that moves ?one step forward, two steps back. Learn some new information, realize it only increases the mystery surrounding Jane and her tattoos.?

The audience got hyped up, only to be let down because this new character who was identified as a super-soldier would help solve the mystery that surrounded Jane. The FBI team of Tom discovered that this man was a soldier whose record revealed that he died a few years back and the chemicals found in his body were similar to Jane. They also found out that this man ?was an escapee from a lab that was trying to engineer regular soldiers into supersoldiers, excessively strong and personality free.?

Unfortunately, after busting the laboratory, it looked like there were too many things to unravel in the story. Jane has a handful of flashbacks while they were trying to catch the scientist who operates the laboratory.

Blindspot Episode 12 also ended with Jane giving to Charlie the pen that he asked him to swap from the desk of Mayfair. It appeared that Charlie was just testing Jane?s loyalty, and she passed. Charlie would now reveal to Jane what she really did to herself and why she?s doing it.

What do you think what would happen now that Jane is beginning to discover what really happened to her? Stay tuned for more revelation of Blindspot here at TheBitbag.

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