Bleach manga’s Last Chapter Disappoints Fans

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There is no turning back as the Bleach manga ends its series with what fans call a disappointing finale. Said to release its final volume (vol. 74) sometime during the fall, it looks like fans were more displeased rather than celebratory with the recent outcome of the manga?s finale.

In chapter 684 of the Bleach manga, Ichigo and Aizen apparently discovered that Yhwach is still alive. The disappointment couldn?t be clearer for the two warriors. Yhwach has predicted his fate. However, upon learning of what could happen to him, he somehow changed his future and at the same time, supercharged his power; a power that was made stronger than his former abilities.

Despite the revelation, Ichigo went on to seek Yhwach and kill him. Bleach manga chapter 684 reveals that before Ichigo could even reach Yhwach, Uryuu was already there and had battled with Yhwach using his spirit arrows. The spirit arrows did not kill Yhwach, but it did great damage by intercepting Yhwach?s flow of power.

When Ichigo realized what had happened, he came to the scene and killed Yhwach using his Zanpakuto Zangetsu. He succeeded on killing him, but it was Ichigo?s Zanpakuto Zangetsu that ultimately paid the price. Meanwhile, prior to his death, Yhwach had already killed Renji?s Bankai and it was during a discussion by Ichigo and Aizen that they discovered that he was still alive.


Ichigo?s sword has also suffered another crack during the fight, but it was Aizen, through the power of an illusion, who made Yhwach believe that it was actually Ichigo who got pierced and killed. The technique allowed enough time for Ichigo to find a way and attack Yhwach.

In other news, to commemorate the ending of the Bleach manga series, Viz Media will be releasing Blu ray copies of BLEACH Set 1 that contains the complete, uncut first 27 episodes of the popular series. The Blu ray copies will cost $54.97 U.S. / $63.99 CAN with a selection of whether you want the English dubbed or subtitled.

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