Bleach Manga Vol 74 Spoilers: Yhwach?s Weakness Discovered; Uryuu Takes Advantage

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The popular Japanese Bleach manga is set to end this fall, but prior to that, some new spoilers on vol. 74?s chapters were already circulating online. According to the latest Bleach manga spoilers, Ichigo and Aizen will be surprised to see Yhwach alive. But Yhwach will reveal to them the power he has; the power to alter his future in order to avoid death. He can even re-write the future in order to make everything to his advantage.

Yhwach also believes that his reincarnation has made him even more powerful than he was before. Also, having premonitions about his fate, Yhwach turned things around and changed his future in order for him to stay alive. He said that after he has gained his new powers, no one will be able to defeat him until Uryuu pierced Yhwach?s heart from the back. The latter will not believe what just happened. Uryuu succeeded in hurting Yhwach, but his arrow wasn?t enough to kill him so he calls for Ichigo to kill him with his sword.

As the manga story progresses, Bleach spoilers reveal that Ichigo?s sword may finally do the damage as he swings and hits Yhwach after Uryuu made the preliminary damage. Rumors suggest that Bach (Yhwach) has also killed Aizen, something that followers of the manga series find disappointing and sad.

Bleach manga Chapter 684 also shows how disappointing the chapter can be. Readers are quite apprehensive on what to call Ichigo?s sword now. In fact, it became the center of attention after it killed Bach, despite being broken. Also, fans are quite disappointed to see Yhwach returning strong only to be killed by a broken bankai. From its readers point of view, the Bleach manga ending is being rushed, with readers wanting a deeper meaning on Yhwach?s death. Apparently, Uryuu took advantage of Ichigo and Aizen?s distraction of Yhwach that he launches the arrow to Yhwach?s heart.


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