Bleach Manga Takes 1-Week Break Due To Author’s Sudden Illness

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Bleach Manga on Break as Tite Kubo Recuperates; Fans worry the series will end abruptly?

Bleach manga?s chapter 665 will not be released until next week – Anime News Network reports that it will not be published in the Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump magazine?s 14th issue. Apparently, Tite Kubo has been sick and is still recuperating from an undisclosed illness. The creator is taking a week leave to recover his health, according to the magazine’s editorial department?s notice. Fans are not happy about this since they are all hyped up from the previous episode, it?s almost like a real-life cliffhanger of the worst sort. Many are thinking that the manga series might end abruptly. It is also stated in the notice from Shueisha that Bleach manga will ?resume in the 15th issue on March 14.? However, this is not the first time that Kubo got ill. Fans might be able to recall that almost a year ago, Kubo got suddenly ill. ANN had reported about the author?s sudden illness in April 2015.

Disappointed fans took to different discussion boards to air their sentiments concerning this news. Some show concern and compassion toward Tite Kubo, but while others are just plain cold and unsympathetic about the current situation of the Bleach manga creator. If you scroll through the Anime News Network Forum, a user named dark13 said that Kubo had already played this card before, since the final arc of Bleach was started. But of course, other Bleach manga fans are defending their favorite manga author. Another user, Saku-Dono, believes that when Kubo returns, the author would probably announce that he is down to the 3 final chapters of the manga series. Others are already expecting the series to end, with one disgruntled fan, Shirohae, posting ?Bleach needs to end soon…The fights are so pointless right now and it has been awhile since we last seen Ichigo fight!!!! This last arc is dragging on for too long.?

But on Reddit, fans are definitely not happy about this news. Some are hoping that the near is not near for the series. Reddit user ossarian_MIA said he is smoldering and that his ?a** burns red with disappointment.?

Sound off Bleach Fans! Share your feelings about this news by hitting the comment button. We at wish Tite Kubo well and hope he recovers from his sickness soon.

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