Bleach Manga Set to Return in 2018, But Not in the Way You Hoped It To Be

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In August this year, Tite Kubo?s Bleach manga series ended in rather surprising and quick fashion. While others think it was suddenly cut, a recent Twitter message from Tite Kubo revealed the series ended the way he hoped it would. Now, rumors suggest Bleach will return in 2018. It turns out that this is quite true. It returns not as a manga, but as a live action film.

Tite Kubo?s Bleach manga also ended its anime version series four years ago; and that is the last television edition the popular Japanese manga has ever made. Now, fans can expect the Bleach live action adaptation a year from now. During the waning weeks of the Bleach manga, the team teased a surprise announcement will be revealed. It turns out, it is the apparent creation of the live action film.

Bleach manga Update:

Meanwhile, the latest news about the Bleach manga is its eventual release of two light novels. The first novel, scheduled for release this December, is penned by Matsubara Makoto. The first story is said to be about Rukia?s wedding in the Soul Society.

The second light novel on the other hand will be authored by Narita Ryohgo. While it won?t be released until 2017, recent news say it will cover the story of the Soul King, Hisagi, Tosen and Four Noble Houses. In a previous BitBag report, it is mentioned that it?s possible the story of Ichigo battling against the powerful Yhwach will be featured. Yhwach?s downfall could be one of the novel?s biggest and interesting storylines, but for now this hasn?t been confirmed.


Meanwhile, fans can be sure Ichigo and Rukia?s wedding will be fully covered. The interesting story of Ichigo and Rukia on the Bleach manga began when Rukia, before she died, was able to transfer her powers to Ichigo. Now, Ichigo must take the pains of practicing Rukia?s powers in order to save the people and the Soul Society.

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