Bleach Manga Novel Release Date, Updates: Bleach Story Continues in a Two Part Novel Coming this December

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The Bleach manga series may have ended in August, but the team working behind the popular manga is not yet ready to end it for good. News reveal that it will release two new novels, following the last volume that ended the series.

Makoto Matsubara, who previously worked on the series novelisation, will return to work on the first novell, set to launch this coming December. Matsubara?s involvement in the first novel is not surprising, given how he already worked on the success of the Bleach manga, particularly the series entitled ?Unmasked Short Stories,? ?The Death Save the Strawberry,? ?The Honey Dish Rhapsody? and ?Letters from the Other Side.? Meanwhile, writer Narita, who is behind the success of Baccano! and Durarara!!, will work on the second novel, which is expected to arrive in 2017.

Bleach manga collector’s edition

Fans of the Bleach manga series should take this opportunity to collect the latest editions. A manga series that has weathered through different versions is worth keeping. And since the creator is keen on extending the life of the Bleach manga series into two new novels, it?s worth noting the value of these collector?s items.

The Bleach manga series tells the story of Ichigo Kurosaki, who accidentally acquired the powers of the Soul Reaper. The incident is not an easy task on Ichigo. He realized his new power allows him to connect to the afterlife. His newly acquired power allows him to see spirits (ghosts) and interact with them. Aside from that, Ichigo also realized that part of his acquired power is the responsibility of guiding spirits to the afterlife and end their journey here on earth.


The Bleach manga series also features Rukia, a Shinigami who is tasked to protect Ichigo on Earth. In her time of death, brought by their battle with the spirits, she was able to transfer her powers to Ichigo. In case she?s unable to return after dealing with the afterlife, Ichigo will have her power and make use of it.

The Bleach manga novels are scheduled for release this December and in 2017 for the second book. For more news and update about the Bleach manga series, you may check us here on TheBitBag.

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