Bleach Manga News & Update: See the Complete List of the Popular Japanese Manga

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The Japanese Bleach manga series is coming to an end, but before that happens, fans of the iconic series will have the last volume, volume 74, to finally conclude the series. In a recent report by the ANN, the Weekly Shonen Jump magazine announced the apparent ending of the series and in Bleach Vol. 73 and it confirmed that the manga series will end with Vol. 74.

If you have followed the ?Bleach? manga series, you know how the volumes of the series were given such titles. But for those who recently started reading it and have no idea on the rest of the manga series? titles, here?s the complete list of the Bleach manga Volumes:


  • Strawberry and the Soul Reapers
  • Goodbye Parakeet, Good Night My Sister
  • Memories in the rain
  • Quincy Archer Hates You
  • Right Arm of the Giant
  • The Death Trilogy Overture
  • The Broken Coda
  • The Blade and Me
  • Fourteen Days for Conspiracy
  • Tattoo on the Sky
  • A Star and a Stray Dog
  • Flower on the Precipice
  • The Undead
  • White Tower Rocks
  • Beginning of the Death of Tomorrow
  • Rosa Rubicundior, Lilio Candidior
  • The Deathberry Returns
  • The Black Moon Rising
  • End of Hypnosis
  • Be My Family or Not
  • Conquistadores
  • ?Mala Suerte!
  • Immanent God Blues
  • No Shaking Throne
  • The Mascaron Drive
  • Goodbye, Halcyon Days
  • Baron’s Lecture Full-Course
  • The Slashing Opera
  • There Is No Heart Without You
  • Don’t Kill My Volupture
  • Howling
  • The Bad Joke
  • King of the Kill
  • Higher than the Moon
  • Turn Back The Pendulum
  • Beauty Is So Solitary
  • Fear for Fight
  • El Verdugo
  • The Lust
  • Heart
  • Heart
  • Shock of the Queen
  • Kingdom of Hollows
  • Vice It
  • The Burnout Inferno
  • Back From Blind
  • End of the Chrysalis Age
  • God Is Dead
  • The Lost Agent
  • The Six Fullbringers
  • Love Me Bitterly Loth Me Sweetly
  • End of Bond
  • The Deathberry Returns 2
  • Goodbye to Our Xcution
  • The Blood Warfare
  • March of the Starcross
  • Out of Bloom
  • The Fire
  • The Battle
  • Everything But The Rain
  • The Last 9 Days
  • Heart Of Wolf
  • Hear, Fear, Here
  • Death in Vision
  • Marching Out the Zombies
  • Sorry I Am Strong
  • Black
  • The Ordinary Peace
  • Against the Judgement
  • Friend
  • Baby, Hold Your Hand
  • My Last Words
  • Battle Field Burning


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