Bleach Manga Gets Live-Action Adaptation: Release in 2018

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After the Bleach manga ended in August, plans for its live-action adaptation immediately became hot news. Now, it looks like the manga series is finally getting its long awaited live-action film. Shueisha?s Weekly Shonen Jump revealed on Monday that the Bleach live-action adaptation will come in 2018.

Directed by Shinsuke Tako, the new adaptation will feature Sota Fukushi as the primary character Ichigo Kurosaki. Fans can now wait for the live-action adaptation after the sudden ending of the manga series this year. Fukusihi, the star of the Bleach live-action adaptation, has appeared on ?As the Gods Will? and ?Strobe Edge.?

About Bleach manga

Bleach tells the story of the boy who obtained the power of the Soul Reaper from Rukia Kuchiki. The unlikely hero soon found out that his power has more to it than he can handle. Instead of following the rules of the Soul Reaper, the boy take matters into his hands and fights evil spirits all by himself.

In 2001, Tite Kubo launched the Bleach manga in the Weekly Shonen Jump. In 2004 until 2012, the Bleach manga series inspired an animated TV series that featured 366 episodes in total. When the manga series ended in August, fans were quite disappointed by how sudden things transpired.


Nevertheless, Volume 74 of the Bleach manga contained chapters that addressed the ending of the series, but with loose ends all leading to a possible new series. The Bleach manga?s final story arc was completed in 2012, until this year when volume 73 and 74 were finalized.

At least 87 million copies of Bleach anime and musicals have been sold worldwide. In June, Viz Media announced that they will release the Blu ray disc of all the anime series of Bleach. The first volume was finally shipped on July 19, 2016.

The Bleach manga series ?also inspired four animated films, novels and eventually a videogame. In 2005, the manga also inspired stage musical adaptations. Are you looking forward to see the Bleach live-action adaptation? Make sure to check us here on TheBitBag for more news updates about Bleach.


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