Bleach Manga Ends in 10 Weeks Time; See What You’ve Missed so Far

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Tite Kubo?s ?Bleach? Manga is coming to an end. In 10 weeks time, fans will be able to see the last volume of the manga collection. The announcement was made by Hisashi Sasaki, editor-in-chief of Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump magazine. This was also supported by a podcast on Monday featuring the Weekly Shonen Jump confirming the news. The Bleach mangas Vol. 74 will be last of the series as indicated on Vol. 73. Meanwhile, Fandompost rated Bleach Chapter 861 as C+ for its 13 plus age rating.

Here?s some rough information about one of Japan?s most popular manga series. Bleach it tells the story of Ichigo Kurosaki who once acquired the power of a Soul Reaper. He became one, not because he has a dark soul, but because of the death of his family caused by the Hollow lost soul. You would expect the Bleach manga to fill its story with some interesting concepts, especially that they have just announced the upcoming end of the series, but contrary to what?s expected it lacks in material. Apparently, the manga is slogging when it comes to winding up to the end and it?s something that readers cannot appreciate, especially now when everyone expects a rather contemporary and meaningful ending for the manga series.

Tite Kubo published the Bleach manga series on Weekly Shonen Jump in 2001. Its North American counterpart that is digitally published by Viz Media in English is also currently working on its manga series that has reached its 66th volume. Its Japanese version in May 2 released its 72nd version, while the 73rd version was recently released this July. And now, everyone?s waiting for Volume 74, Bleach manga?s final volume.

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From 2004 to 2012, the anime adaptation of the Bleach manga went on air courtesy of Viz Media publishing and they eventually also obtained its home video rights in 2006. The Bleach anime was aired on Adult Swim and this July 19, Viz Media will release a Blu Ray Disc copy of the anime series.

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