Bleach Manga Ending, Sequel, News & Updates: Second Light Novel To Feature Soul King

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After Tite Kubo?s Bleach manga ending that happened in August, it was announced that the popular Japanese manga series will subsequently get a live-action adaptation. Shortly after, two light novels for the Bleach manga were also announced. The first one will be written by Matsubara Makoto and it will feature the wedding of Rukia. The novel on Rukia?s wedding is scheduled to arrive this December.

The second novel will be written by Narita Ryohgo and will feature the Soul King, Hisagi, Tosen and Four Noble Houses. Ryohgo?s novel is scheduled to arrive in 2017, shortly after the first one will be published. The fall of the Soul King happened during the Quincy Blood War. When Yhwach, the Emperor of the Wandenreich, planned to kill the Soul King.

Ichigo Kurosaki works for the Soul Society and he will do everything to save it. But Yhwach?s power is overbearing, it can bring the Soul Society down with just a few plans. The light novel bearing the story of the Soul King will stretch to Ichigo?s life and how the Society rose from being broken.

Ichigo?s role in eliminating Yhwach might also be written in the novel; for now, fans can be sure Ichigo and Rukia?s story will be told in the first Bleach light novel coming this December. Meanwhile, previous news about the Bleach manga ending told the story of creator Tite Kubo and the compelling story of how he ended the Bleach manga series.


Tite Kubo’s Inspiration

Apparently during hard times, he was able to draw strength from a sick child, who wrote to him how the popular manga prolonged his life. The child also requested Kubo to draw the Bleach manga ending just the way he wanted and imagined it. Tite Kubo did exactly that and posted it on Twitter, along with a request to find the child who made it possible for him to finish the Bleach manga.

Tite Kubo, the creator behind the successful Japanese manga, suffers an undisclosed illness that makes it impossible for him to continue with the series; hence the decision to end it. For more news and update about the manga series, make sure to read us here on TheBitBag.

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