Bleach manga 686 Spoilers: Yhwach Lives On? A Look Into the Future

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The popular Japanese manga will soon release its final volume and with that, several spoilers about Bleach Manga 686 continue to surface. In the latest Bleach manga spoilers, it was revealed that Yhwach may have not totally suffered Ichigo?s Getsuga Tensho but instead travelled somehow to the future in order to avoid it.

According to the previous Bleach manga spoilers, Rukia summoned Ichigo in the ceremony that made her a new captain. Now new spoilers suggest that Rukia wants Ichigo to be part of the new Soul Society. Not only that – Rukia also wants Ichigo to hold a higher position in this newly revived society.

Bleach manga 686 spoilers also reveal that Ichigo may also have other intentions such as finding Yhwach. Somehow, he knows he is still alive, and being able to bring him to the Soul Society will give him the opportunity to kill for good.

According to the Bleach manga 686 forum, the real world will feature Rukia and Renji having a child, a child who is living a normal life. The Bleach manga series skipped forward in time where we see Rukia and Renji visiting Ichigo?s whole family, who are currently watching Chad?s WBO World Title Match. In this future time, Chad is now a Boxer, while Orihime is now married to Ichigo. But when Rukia?s child gets lost going into the real world, Ichigo was more worried.


Their conversation goes:

Rukia: ?Don?t worry! She?s a Shinigami! She can?t get injured by a human!?

Ichigo: ?Isn?t she the type to pick a fight with a human!? Let?s go look for her!!?

Bleach manga spoilers also reveal that Orihime and Ichigo?s first child will be named Kurosaki Kazui. Kazui will also turn to a Shinigami, same as the child of Rukia and Renji, named Abarai Ichika.

The whole chapter seems to flash back and forth to this future and back to the time, 10 years past, when Yhwach was still alive. The flashback shows Yhwach. The text reads, while showing a cut in half Yhwach: “You have closed the path, Ichigo.”

Yhwach: “The path to a world free of fear.”

Yhwach: “The living and the dead were supposed to become one. It’s unfortunate. Thanks to you, the form of life and death will not change, and people will continue on their lives fearing death.”

Yhwach: “Forever.”

Bleach manga 686 ends with what seems to be Yhwach?s black mist dispersing at the same time that Kazui?s arm is seen reaching into a black hole inside his own room. This might have signified Yhwach?s spirit leaving and entering or bonding with Ichigo?s child.

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