Bleach Manga 686 Spoilers and Updates: Final Chapter To Arrive on August 22

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The upcoming ending of Tite Kubo?s Bleach manga series has brought hundreds of speculations over the fate of Ichigo Kurosaki, but in Bleach manga 686, which is the latest and probably the final chapter, Ichigo?s character was barely mentioned. Apparently, things have turned to something else 10 years into the future, as Bleach manga directs viewers to the life of Rukia and her apparent position as the captain of the 13th guard.

Contrary to Bleach manga?s Chapter 684, which highlighted Ichigo?s character and detailed how he?s able to kill Yhwach, the latest installment shows that Rukia?s time has finally arrived and she will grace the final chapter of the manga. The Soul Society that they once abandoned is now back and it will be nothing like they have experienced before.

The Soul Society?s repair is nearly finished, and as Nemu and Mayuri inspects the progress of rebuilding, they are also heading to the captain ceremony to be held on the grounds. With Renji standing by near Rukia, could it be that he?s going to be his vice-captain?

Despite Ichigo?s absence in the latest ?Bleach? manga spoilers, he?s noted to possibly make an appearance during the ceremony of Rukia?s promotion. Meanwhile, Iba, the captain of the 7th division and the son of Chikane, will also be in the ceremony. Captain Iba has been training on the grounds, trying to master the abilities of being a captain. While everyone thinks he doesn?t need to work as hard, Iba thinks he still doesn?t have the caliber of a captain and skipping such trainings will not help him either.

As for the special announcement prior to Bleach manga 686, a few funny Redditors came to the conclusion that Tite Kubo might have been dead for over four years and his team of writers are the one creating the manga series based on his notes.

The special announcement to come with the final chapter from bleach

It might seem like a bitter comment from a fan who isn?t satisfied by how Bleach manga 686 will conclude with series, but we really never know who?s really paying attention with how the series has progressed until one fan turns out to be telling the truth.

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