Bleach manga 686 Spoilers: The Soul Society, Ichigo and Rukia The New Captain

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As the popular Japanese manga ?Bleach? comes to an end, some spoilers from the chapters on its final ?Volume continue to make waves online. After Bleach Manga 685 spoilers revealed that Ichigo killed Yhwach, viewers are now being shown what happened 10 years after Yhwach?s death.

Rukia is now the newest Captain in the Soul Society and she wants Ichigo to witness her appointment. Ten years ago, nothing of Rukia?s character was highlighted, especially in the remaining chapters of the Bleach manga. But now it looks like she?s dominating the final chapter of the manga series.

Because vol. 74 is said to be the last from the Bleach manga and some few chapters makes up the last book, could it be that Rukia?s apparent domination in the recent Bleach Manga 686 spoilers is a sign that a sequel is about to arrive? Ichigo?s success in killing Yhwach might have been the final blow, but Rukia?s re-appearance may also mean a new chapter in the Soul Society.

Why did she want Ichigo to attend the ceremonial rites of her being a new Captain? Did she have any other intention other than Ichigo witnessing the special moment? Will a new story concept arrive because of Rukia?


Bleach Manga 686 spoilers revealed that the ceremony was also attended by the other captains mainly Nemuri, Kenpachi, Ikkaku, Yumichika and Mayuri. Kenpachi has been so proud of his new found direction while Shuhei will be ridiculed because of his failure to take advantage of his Bankai for more than 10 years.

Mayuri may be one of the captains, but he?s also doubted to have something to do with the underground society. Meanwhile, Rukia may have just wanted her friends to be near her when she summoned Ichigo to the Soul Society. Bleach Manga 686 Spoilers reveal, Inoue, Chad and Uryuu will also be called by Rukia.

Rukia may also need Ichigo in identifying the next warrior that possesses the same characteristic as Yhwach. News also reveal that Rukia may have discovered that the new Soul Society King is none other than Yhwach.

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