Bleach manga 686 Spoilers: The Shocking Condition of Soul Society

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Tite Kubo?s Bleach manga is about to end, but news about its final chapter is just beginning to emerge. Recent Bleach manga 686 spoilers reveal that Ichigo is now married to Orihime, while Rukia is married to Renji. Ichigo and Orihime?s son Kazuimi is also a Shinigami. A lot has happened after Ichigo supposedly killed Yhwach. Now, Bleach manga 686 spoiler hints, Yhwach might still be alive and lurking.

Now, as the Bleach manga series nears its end, some new spoilers appear, shedding more light on what happened to the Soul Society and the important role of Ichigo and Rukia in protecting it once again. Bleach manga 686 spoilers show the emergence of Soul Society and also reveals that it is empty. And the possibility of Uryuu, Ichigo, Chad Orihime becoming the Squad Zero highly points to Rukia?s eagerness to protect the Soul Society.

It might be too early to say, but the spoilers come near to what the story concept is trying to say. Bleach manga 686 spoilers also reveal that Yhwach will return and defeat Rukia. Rukia will die and Ichigo will resurface to discover that everyone has died.

Others suggest that Ichigo might be the reiatsu that everybody senses with Chad, now a boxer living in his grandfather?s farm. Take note that these revelations are hardly confirmed and are mere translations of the popular Japanese manga series.


In the previous Bleach manga 686 spoilers, Rukia was the new captain of the Soul Society. It looks like the life of Rukia and Ichigo transits from the Soul Society to the current world. As they sometimes see themselves in the lonely Soul Society, it was also indicated how their separate families enjoy the modern life now.

Ishida is now a doctor and despite the gruelling schedule of work, she finds time to watch Chad fight in the boxing ring. Rukia and Renji?s daughter is now a Gotei apprentice, but in the real world, she is a Shinigami, something that Rukia depends on in order to keep her daughter safe.

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